What your make-up artist wants you to know

Guest Blog • January 26, 2022

Special Guest Blog by Andrea Gracyalny

Nobody wants your total satisfaction and joy over your finished look more than your makeup artist!

Whether you are preparing to walk down the aisle or you are preparing for a personal-branding session, there are a few key elements that you can do to elevate the end result.

1. Communicate well.

Conveying your desires is paramount, and showing us your vision/mood/inspiration board on Pinterest or magazine images can be the best way to be sure we are on the same page. If you are working with a MUA for the first time, it is recommended that you a trial, or maybe two. It is worth the investment, especially for a bride-to-be. You don’t want any regrets…certainly neither do we! Keep in mind that if you are the bride, our goal is to make you look stunning in person and in photos. A lot is lost on camera. Do not be afraid to tell us if you want anything changed along the way. You will not hurt our feelings and we want you feeling your most gorgeous!

2. Prep your skin.  

Arrive with a recently cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated face. Your skin is our canvas. You would not paint a cedar-sided house without washing, scraping and priming, right?

If you have a complete skin care routine – cleanse, freshen, exfoliate, hydrate morning and night- that you follow faithfully, then skip to the next point because we love you for this!

Brides and those in the spotlight with you: You will benefit greatly when you have a routine several months in advance. Happy, healthy, radiant skin is only going to keep people guessing if you are wearing makeup at all because you will look so naturally flawless! For a professional headshot or branding session, give your skin at minimum 1 week of TLC.

PS: Your forehead is part of your face.

3. DO NOT pick at any blemishes!

Apply a 5% benzoyl peroxide cream to the blemish immediately upon discovery and treat twice daily until it subsides. (10% benzoyl peroxide can lead to a dry, crusty spot) If you have a whitehead develop the day before, use a warm wet compress to gently expel the blemish without squeezing.

4. Wax long before.

Any facial waxing should be done a week prior to your session. A thoughtful MUA always carries a tweezers for any emergency and knows how to use them properly. Recently waxed skin, such as upper lips and brows, can lend the skin to resist products applied to it.

5. Allow ample time.

Give us time to work our magic with the fewest interruptions possible. We perform very detailed work, so it’s best for both of us if you can thoroughly relax in silence once we have begun. Generally you can plan 45 to 60 minutes.

Andrea Gracyalny is a Milwaukee native and has been an independent beauty consultant and skin care advocate with Mary Kay Inc. for 22 years. Her background includes floral design, art and customer service. She has studied makeup artistry and has been building experience for 18 years.

She is energized by building confidence in women and inspiring them to step outside their comfort zones. Fun Facts: Andrea is an INFP and her top two (Gallup) strengths are adaptability and responsibility. She enjoys landscaping and spending time with her husband Gary and their two cats GiGi and Zuri. She likes cooking adventurous, healthy foods and is known to make a mean butternut squash enchilada! To get acquainted, reach her at andreag.mk@gmail.com or www.marykay.com/agracyalny

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