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Are you a little confused on HOW to get started building an aligned brand?  Things like figuring out your brand colors, and what to put in your social media bio?   Jump start your branding with video tutorials I created just for you on your words and messaging, brand colors in canva, and Instagram profile.

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Craft the brand that brings in real money.   Without  hiring anyone. 

6 Week- Build Your Brand Challenge

Learn how to pose your body in the brand photos every business can use.

10 Best Poses

In - studio demo teaching my 5 Golden Rules of Posing, and tips to look and feel great in photos!

posing workshop

Walking you through where to start when it comes to branding your biz.

3 Steps to a Beautiful Brand

My 10 steps to facing the camera with confidence (and liking it!)

Camera Confidence

How to Stop the Scroll and get Instragram results without wasting your time.


Location, Location, Location

Location Guide

Depending upon your brand essence, you may want your photoshoot location to evoke a certain aesthetic... cozy, elegant, sophisticated, inviting, etc.  Do you want a structure or open space? Indoor or outdoor?  (weather permitting) Bright and airy?  Bold and dramatic?

Please consider your location now and you will enter your choice into the form at the end.

Once your brand essence is defined, the location is easier to narrow down.  If your business has a brick and mortar or physical location, it is likely you want to showcase that since it is such a large part of your brand.  Or, perhaps you are looking for a change.

My Studio Space


Located north of Milwaukee, my studio space is a light, bright and white option with the following lifestyle sets:


seating Area

Other (free) location ideas:
- your home
- the home of a friend or relation
- designer space or model home
- coffee shop
- lifestyle center (like The Corners)
- showroom
- courthouse entrance
- museum lobby
- hotel
- neat apartment building
- restaurant or patio space

*I urge you to tap into your network and ask people you know if they have a space that excites you

* Many public spaces are fine with photoshoots taking place there, as long as you call first and ask permission. They may have peak times to avoid, and often just ask that you don't interfere with, or photograph their patrons.

Renting Space is always an option:
*Client is responsible for setting this up
- Rent studio space
 (I've worked with: NO Studios, Third Branch Creative Studio)
- Book an air B&B for the day
- Co-working space rental (SPACES, Serendipity labs, Ward 4)

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What to Wear

Wardrobe Guide

Ascend and Elevate branding sessions include time for up to three outfits.

Consider where you want to use the final images and work backward. For example, a formal headshot for Linked In would have a different wardrobe then social media content for an influencer.

- Stick to brand colors for one of the outfits. This assures that your website is cohesive and on brand.

- Begin with your most formal look (i.e. blazer or blouse and hair down) and end with your most casual (i.e. jeans, casual top and hair thrown into a top knot)

- Dress in a way that will attract your ideal client to your brand.

- Accessories and layers add a lot of visual interest (and we can easily de-layer during the shoot)

- Look for inspiration on pinterest.

- V-necks are typically more flattering than higher necks.

- Don't be afraid to embrace colors or patterns- they photograph beautifully - if this fits your brand essence, go for it!

- Consider dressing "one step up" from your normal work attire. You may not wear heels in everyday work life, but its OK to show yourself glammed up in your industry for one or more of your looks.

Go with what feels right, what you are comfortable in, and what lights you up inside!

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The Details

Guide to Props

A personal brand photography session is an opportunity to create beautiful and clean images highlighting your business. The more memorable and meaningful the images, the more impactful.  One way to elevate your branding session is by using props.

Why use props during a brand session?
- Can share more about your brand story
- Gives you something to do with your hands to make you feel less awkward
- Aides in content creation

Brand sessions tell the story of you and your business.   In doing this, we can get as creative as we like!  I encourage clients to bring items that hold meaning to them or enhance their brand message.  We can use these to set up lifestyle , action or detail shots. 

Top 5 Ideas for Brand Photography Props:

1. Tools of Your Trade
What do you use to successfully run your business? If you are a salon owner or stylist, this could be scissors or hair extensions.  For a personal trainer, we may use weights and a stop watch.  Can't think of anything?  Computers and phones are great for just about any business, and reflect how we are responsive to clients or globally available.

2. Your Personal Side
Are you a coffee drinker?  Wine drinker?   Avid reader?   Creating images of you being - well... who you are, gives your connections and audience a way to bond with you.  Sharing a glimpse of who you are and what you enjoy can be a great way to build know, love and trust with ideal clients. 

3. Branded Items
If you have something with your name and logo printed it, definitely bring it along!  This could be t-shirts, water bottles, pop sockets, etc.  Bonus - they are already in your brand colors.

4. Content is King
If you have content buckets that you use to speak about your business, think ahead to ways to visually represent them.  For example, if you are a residential realtor, and one way you share value with your clients is by offering staging advice or services, this a topic you can write, speak and post about.  Wouldn't it be great to have images of a colorful throw pillow, fluffy blanket or lit candle to accompany your copy?  Or, a content bucket of a health coach may be sharing healthy cooking tips - so we would want to grab an image of you holding your favorite recipe book.

5. Fun and Relaxing!
Familiar, everyday objects can make us feel comfortable as models (since we AREN'T models), giving us something useful and natural to do with our posing and an anchor for our hands.  I suggest using objects like reading glasses, sunglasses or a fun bag during your photoshoot.  These have the added bonus of allowing us to infuse tons of personality into the image. 

Idea List
- a favorite mug
- laptop computer
- tools or products you use in your industry
- journal or book
- fun glasses
- sign or saying
- microphone (podcasters, speakers)
- water bottle
- anything branded with your logo
- blanket or pillow

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