Styled Product Photography

Products • January 31, 2022

Cohesive and creative content for your brand

Showing up as a brand means being intentional about what you post, the language that you use and the visuals you incorporate.

I am excited to announce a new offering for Katie Soyka Photography:

Styled Product Photography

Whether your business offers a product or a service, we need to be present in our brands.  I think most of us are familiar with headshots and personal branding photography.  But what about taking that extra step? 

I am pleased to showcase three different ways to work with me that don’t involve getting you in front of the camera:


Lifestyle photography involves setting up your products or “on brand” items in the actual location where they live.  For example, styling a recipe book on a kitchen counter, or journal and pen on a desk.  This set up can showcase your brand in a way that is light, airy and in context.

Flat Lays

Flat lay photography means all items are photographed from above.  The style can be either organic (seemingly strewn around randomly) or geometric (carefully laid out at square angles), and it’s a great way to get creative and unique images that showcase the personality of your brand.


Sometimes a personal touch is desired.  Having hands opening a box or reaching to arrange flowers would be examples of a modeled product shoot.  I offer this option with an additional service fee, and it’s a great choice if you just don’t have time to take your own images or be involved in the process.

How it Works

After an initial planning call to learn about your brand and vision, send me your products and on brand pieces.  

I will style and creatively photograph them and safely return them to you.

A note on your type of business

If you sell products, it is pretty easy to see where photography plays a role.  You need to showcase your products in their highest light to make them attractive to your ideal client.  However, if you are a service based business, it may be harder to come up with ideas for your visuals.  Here are a few ideas:

  • What are the benefits of working with you and tie them to visuals (For example:  If you give clients back their time, could focus on tea, coffee, a good book), visuals to represent what they gain.
  • Think in terms of your brand colors.  Go shopping at Michael’s or Target with your brand mood board and see what jumps out at you for on brand items. 
  • What are the tools you use in your everyday life to service your clients? (laptop, planner, glasses)

My photography is about getting at the inner light of you, stepping into your power and raising your voice. I love having you in front of my camera, but if I can help tell your brand story by only photographing products and on-brand items, I do that too. Having strong branding and stunning images to help you connect with your ideal clients is where I come in.

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