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Client Spotlight • January 31, 2022

Personal Brand Photography allows me to highlight my clients as the experts they are.

 Allow me to spotlight…

Theresa Wilmot of Wilmot Designs

Capturing her creative business in action was a wonderful collaboration.

Being creatives, passionate business owners as well as busy moms, Theresa and I connected on many levels.  She is the mastermind behind my own new beautiful branding elements, and in working with her I discovered a dedication to her clients and supportive energy that you just have experience for yourself.

As Wilmot Designs places a focus on raising its voice on social media, having this brand photography session has given her a wide variety of digital images to pull from during content creation. 

In her own words

I asked Theresa a few questions…

Why might someone choose to work with a graphic designer?

• To establish a brand identity system for their business that qualifies the expertise of that product or service.

• To save time and money on the creation of both print and digital marketing pieces.

• Graphic designers can create consistency and improve your communication to your target market – both online and with print marketing pieces.

3 tips to help clients think about their brand and visuals:

• Consider what the mission and values of your business are and how they relate to the work you do. You can sometimes find visual inspiration when exploring these elements.

• When thinking about a color palette, it’s helpful to have a grounding (darker) color along with lighter colors or shades of that grounding color to have room to play with across your print and digital assets. 

• When thinking about your brand and visuals, consider who your audience is and what they relate to and what makes you unique from your competition. Building from your strengths will not only result in a brand that is genuine and relatable, but it will also be easy for people to connect to it and make an impression that is lasting. 

Why do you love doing what you do?

Graphic design is all about bringing together form and function. It is this challenge that, when achieved and built upon, is so rewarding. It sets a business up for success and it’s fun along the way! I love giving small business owners the advantage of a professional image. Being able to present your business in an attractive and consistent way, establishes your reliability and expertise to your current and prospective clients. And THAT makes me happy! I have a strong nurturing side to my character, and I see the work I do as “nurturing” a business to make it the best it can be!

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