Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions • February 7, 2022

You’ve got questions…

I have answers

I’m an open book when it comes to providing information about how I can help elevate your brand.  Here are the top questions I receive from prospective clients.  In answering them I hope to provide a glimpse into the experience of working with me on your brand photography.

FAQ:  “How many images do I get?”

Well, that depends.  When I market my services I share the message “you receive a comprehensive set of digital images.”  But how many is that and what does that mean?  I’ll break it down for you…

Unlike some other photographers, I don’t price my services on number of images you receive.  Rather, My Collections are based on the amount of time we spend together during your shoot (30 minutes, 2 hours, or full day).  In addition to the amount of time we spend, here are several factors that come into play:

– Client needs and where you will use the images:  For example, if I am working with a business that needs needs extensive set-up for each shot – like staging food or groups of products, they may only get 15-30 images for the all day Ascend Collection.  However, if you are a creative business owner booking the most popular collection, a 2 hour Elevate Brand Session, you will receive over 100 images. 

– Products or detail shots CAN take a lot of time to set up, but they can also be quick.  For example, I had a client recently who wanted to capture the plants in their office to help advertise their “grow with me” subscription plan.  Great!  I set up the shot with one plant, then swapped out plant to plant to plant.  All of a sudden we have 10 images taken in 60 seconds.  I was able to get many other styled and location shots done during in the time the team was changing outfits.  I use our time together as efficiently as I can, and don’t stop at a certain “number of images.”  The best images are edited and yours to use. 

FAQ: “How are they edited?

My style is light, bright and airy as well as clean, elegant and classic.  I shy away from editing to a fad, however I absolutely can take into account your brand essence (are you more bold?  golden?)  Or attempt to match styling on your existing branding images where possible. 

With so many images in your online gallery, you may be wondering about the quality.  Rest assured, every image delivered to you has been culled (the process where I choose only the best) and edited for lighting, crop, color, etc.  They are all edited and yours to download, use and share. 

In addition, I choose some absolute favorites that will get more thorough re-touch. And once I deliver a gallery I ask you to let me know YOUR favorites.  I will put these through a re-touching process (skin smoothing, teeth whitening, eye/ lip color saturation, wrinkles from clothes or stray hairs, background distractions like cords, outlets, exit signs removed, etc).  Does every image need this service to be posted on social media?  No.  However, if it is going to print, will be used on a website or used as your main profile image, I absolutely want to re-touch it with care with this in mind to make the image as strong as possible.

FAQ  “What if I just need a headshot?”

I hear this a lot.  If you just need an updated headshot can I help you?  Yes.  And no.

At the heart of your professional profile is a strong headshot, which I deliver.  You absolutely need a headshot!  If that is the only thing you want, you can find it cheaper. 

My lowest collection is 30 minutes of my time.  During this (and all of my collections) we get headshots.  We also get 1/2 body shots, 3/4 body shots, full body shots, lifestyle candids, action, details, the list goes on.    My photography service takes the next step to elevate your brand by giving you strong images that tell your story, set you apart, and show your clients you invest in yourself.  Just as you are asking them to invest in you. 

Perhaps you do only need a headshot.  Or perhaps, once you have an entire collection of professional visuals for your brand, images that will grow with you as you expand, take on your goals for the year, and level up, you will wonder what you ever did without them. 

My photography is about getting at the inner light of you, stepping into your power and raising your voice.  One of the favorite parts of my business is meeting new clients, learning their story, and fielding their questions.  Having strong branding and stunning images to help you connect with your ideal clients is where I come in.  

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

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