Don’t Need Marketing?

Branding • October 19, 2022

Have you ever heard somebody say…

“I have all the business I can handle. So at least I don’t need to worry about marketing.”

If this is you – first of all, congratulations! That is truly great that you have a steady stream of clients coming through your virtual or physical doors. You must be doing something right in how you do business to get positive referrals, or repeat business. Or perhaps you have a strong and loyal niche.

HOWEVER, as one might imagine, I cringe at the conclusion that that means you “don’t need marketing.” I am so glad that you have the business that you want, but the power of branding is so much more than that.

It’s wonderful to have clients coming in…

But are they qualified? prepared? inspired?

3 Reasons you still need Marketing… even with plenty of clients

1.  The Right Clients

A stellar website with clear messaging can pre-qualify customers to the point where they can decide if you are the right fit for them almost instantly. This can be a huge time saver so you aren’t spending 45 minutes on a call with them to try and discern if they are someone you can do your best work for. Being clear about who you serve and how you serve them upfront through marketing will either bring them in excitedly, or send them on to a better solution.

2. Prepared Customers

You might have plenty of paying clients, but is there an opportunity to further educate them? If you or your team members are answering the same questions over and over, this may be information you could add to your website in the form of a checklist, pdf document, or blog post. An extra benefit of strong marketing is getting your ideal clients prepared and educated so their client experience is simple. A streamlined client experience means a time and cost savings for the business owner (you!)

3.  Are they Inspired?

If your website or social media presence isn’t quite up to snuff, chances are the more recent projects or impressive work you have done isn’t on display.

For example, a friend of mine who is a lawyer had begun doing speaking and partnering in the community. Specifically, she was teaming up with a real estate agent to educate first time home buyers on legal issues that apply to them. What an amazing strategic partnership!

Unfortunately, none of this community outreach was being highlighted or promoted, leaving the opportunity for deeper connections to these ideal clients, as well as further strategic partnerships unrealized.

Consider Elevated Branding

If you are a seasoned business with plenty of paying customers, I salute you. I also encourage you to consider elevated branding as a way to bring those ideal clients into your business qualified, prepared, and inspired.

If you are wondering what a brand photography session might look like for you, I would love to connect and explore!

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