My 5 Rules of Posing

Brand Photography • October 19, 2023

“How should I stand?” “Where do I put my hands?” “Do I look OK?”

In my years as a brand photographer, I’ve learned a thing or two. And I’ve boiled them down into 5 easy rules. Which you can then interpret into hundreds of actual (flattering) poses- including how to sit, how to stand, and where to put your hands- so your body feels and looks its best and you never feel awkward in photos again!

I’ve helped hundreds of women

in front of my camera. And this I know. You will only get your best headshots, your most impactful personal branding, your most engaging lifestyle images when you are comfortable. When you are relaxed. When you feel GOOD.

Read my 5 Golden Rules of posing below, and if you want a closer look, I invite you to check out this video. Because what better way to learn my tips for feeling your best in front of the camera, than coming INTO to the studio with me to watch as I work with a LIVE person?

5 Golden Rules of Posing

1. Posture

Shoulders up, back, and down. Stand proud and confident – you are representing your business and you are amazing! To center yourself, draw a few deep breaths. If great posture doesn’t come naturally to you – think about elongating your spine.

2. Lean In

Next, do a slight lean forward toward the camera (from your core). Remember that whatever is closest to the camera will appear larger. Therefore, you want the camera to hit your eyes first, your chest second, and everything else a little bit behind that. If you are standing, you can lean forward naturally by placing your hands on a desk or the back of a chair.

3. Create Shapes + Triangles

Creating shapes makes a strong photo, image, or art piece – and triangles are our friends when posing our bodies in brand photos. Why? They create visual interest by moving the eye around (from point, to point, to point), meaning you spend more time looking at the photo. When you put your hands on your hip it creates triangles.

Bonus: When there is air on the sides of your body (vs your arm glued to your side), you can see where you end and begin, as well as your arm ends and begins, and you appear to take up less space. Holding something low in both our hands (with elbows slightly flared) gives us this effect also.

4. Do Something

By far the easiest way I have found to get those lifestyle photos we all crave so we look natural, put together, interesting, have something to say, AND invite our ideal client into a conversation with us:
Lay out a set of instructions and then DO them. Don’t worry about (or think about) the camera.

Example: Walk to the desk, pick something up, put it down, show it to me and laugh, open your computer, close it, glasses on, off, on your head, put them away, check your phone…. (you get the idea!)

Completing everyday actions gets you out of your head and into your natural element where you are having fun, and being the rockstar that you are.

5. Avoid Oversized Clothes

It’s natural to want to throw something on that could “cover up” areas of our body we may not be thrilled with. Yet bulky or flowy fabrics can actually appear to make us take up more space than we really do when it comes to a still photograph. Better to focus on creating flattering shapes and angles through posing then to cover up.

Want more help?

Welcome to the studio!  I created this FREE video to help women like you cast your fears of facing the camera aside and feel your BEST as you learn my golden rules for posing your body.

When it comes to brand photography, showing up with confidence and authenticity is a big part of what I help clients with. It may not be a natural or even comfortable place to be, but please know that you are not alone, and that it DOES get easier. I believe in you, and I can’t wait to see how you shine your light!

I get it.  There is nothing natural about stepping in front of the camera.  Grab some inspiration in this guide!
  • My 10 best poses and how to set them up
  • Confidence boosting tips to make you feel relaxed
  • My favorite prompts for natural expressions

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