What Should I Wear for Brand Photos?

Brand Photography, Branding, Frequently Asked Questions, What To Wear • May 24, 2024

4 Pitfalls to Avoid

You know you need updated professional photos. You research. You ask around. You clear your calendar and you book a brand photoshoot. HOORAY! You’re excited- you’re thrilled. And then a little pit of dread arises in your tummy… as you realize you have no idea what to wear.

My biggest advice? Wear what makes you feel joyous. Wear what makes you comfortable. Wear what elevates your brand. But I realize you need a little more direction… so I’m lovingly sharing 4 ways your wardrobe can go wrong (and why).

1. Not enough variety

Brand photography is an investment. Aside from the financial cost, even if you are doing the photos yourself, it’s an investment of time and effort. Make the most of that investment by securing a plethora of “looks” during one photoshoot. For example, you may want to incorporate formal / dressy- all the way down to casual.

During most of my branding sessions, we are able to showcase 3 outfits. Why cover different levels of formality? Your headshot or speaker profile may require a more professional feel, but social media can be more casual if you want to come across as relatable. Start with the more formal look (a dress, pants and a jacket, etc) and move toward your favorite jeans and graphic T!

Also, within 3 outfits you can have a variety of looks there too. Jacket on and off – heels into barefeet, glasses then no glasses – variety in levels of formality as well as shots with different “looks” is the secret sauce taking you from an OK photoshoot, to an amazing suite of brand photos.

2. Too matchy

Repeat after me: You do not need to wear your brand colors. (But you should not CLASH with them, either.) I suggest having at least one outfit that incorporates a brand color (jacket, dress, skirt, etc) but certainly not the same color in every photo set. If other outfits are neutral, your brand colors can be brought in other ways like a mug, purse, or earrings. In this way your palette will feel more opened up and complete, and the focus is on you as a person. Specifically- your face. Your expertise. Your personality, or whatever you are striving to convey through brand photography.

Enhance your brand and please don’t clash with your brand colors, but you are a lot MORE than your brand colors! (Indeed, using them too much can come across as distracting.)

3. Too dull

I love to suggest that my clients dress “one step up” from what they would typically wear. Wear those heels, accessorize with that fun belt, wear those bold earrings you love.

Not only will you feel special on shoot day (coming through as joy in your photos), but the message comes through that you care and you invest in yourself. Just as you are asking others to invest in YOUR business.

4. Hiding in your clothes

I get it. It’s rare for everybody to love every single body part of theirs. BUT if you choose to dress in bulky, flowy, or oversized clothes (thinking you are going to hide those body parts) it can backfire.

Tailored looks and flattering fabrics, along with thoughtful posing creating shapes (this is where I come in) will ensure you look – and most importantly FEEL – your best. Not hiding your body.

Bottom line – if we can’t see where your body begins and ends, you appear to take up more space in the eyes of the camera. And I’m pretty sure nobody is looking for that.

Need examples?

Ready to check out some styling gone RIGHT? Check out my portfolio here for real client examples, and get your juices flowing!

Purposeful, authentic photography (where you are comfortable and feel beautiful) can build your empowered brand with every image. This is my goal in business. Learn more about working with me here – so you can shine your light and make greater impact.

Shine on! ~Katie

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