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Branding, Personal Brand, Personal Branding • June 24, 2022

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak at Summit 2022 for The Know Women

My 45 minute workshop topic was branding. How to build know, love and trust with ideal clients. Being in the room to help guide 30 women business owners to think about their businesses in a new way and focus on marketing from the inside out was magical.

I covered 3 things:

– How to define your brand

– How to craft your message

– How to share it with the world

A brand is the way your product, or service is perceived by those who experience it.

It’s the recognizable feeling.

Every potential touch point that you have with your clients builds on your brand.

So Where Do You Start?

The Essence of Your Brand

My favorite exercise, and one that I work on with all of my branding clients, is to define the essence of your brand. This is made up of 3 words that you would use to describe your business. They can be adjectives, feelings, or words that just feel right. Or, consider this… If two people were talking about your company, what words would you want them to use?

For Example:

The brand essence words I use in my business are “positive, uplifting and beautiful” because that is how I want people to experience working with me. Therefore, these words shape all of the messaging I put into my marketing channels. We use the brand essence words to plan the location, wardrobe, and poses for a brand photography session. Here are some actual brand essence words of my clients. See if you can envision what each of these businesses strives to project:

Modern, Friendly, Realistic

Renewal, Healing, Change

Trust, Integrity, Partnership

Vibrant, Trendy, Fun

Elegant, Cozy, Fresh

Your Turn!

Just as we did in the workshop, I invite you to take out your favorite pen, choose a quiet spot, and create your own list of brand essence words. Then, circle the three most impactful and welcome your new brand essence words into your toolbox.

If I can emphasize one things about branding, it is that we want to be as clear as we can when we create our brands. How do you do that? You are consistent. When you are consistent in your branding (this includes your messaging as well as visuals), you are recognizable, which in turn leads to a connection. Building on that connection is how you build love and trust with ideal clients.

As a brand photographer, it truly lights me up inside to work with business owners in all stages of their business. I find that building clarity around their brand helps build confidence in my clients. The more confidence you have when you speak about your business, the more powerful your visuals will be when we put them out into the world.

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