Your headshot.

Brand Photography, Branding • February 9, 2023

It’s the first window into your professional presence, and it’s important.

Call it what you like: Corporate headshot, classic portrait, or, as I refer to them in my own marketing, “lifestyle headshots,” it is the image that introduces you to your potential clients, connects you to your business, and lives online to represent you where you can’t be in person.

We know that visuals tell a story…

So what is your headshot saying?

3 Things Your Corporate Headshot Says to Your Ideal Clients

1.  “I’m a person”

People crave connection. People buy from people. They want to support you , especially if you are a small business owner. Having your headshot showcased prominently online as a representation of your brand, vs. for example, showcasing your logo, your building or a stock photo, is a powerful start.

2. “I’m quality”

Next, comes a touch of judgement. But it’s not what you might expect. When we look at our own headshots, it’s often to be critical of some attribute, “gosh, my hair is flat,” or “that shirt makes my arm look huge.” However, when other people view our profile pictures it’s much more simple than that.

Does the quality of your photo match the quality of the work you are doing? It’s a snap impression: Quality? Impressive? Falling short? If you want clients to invest in you, it’s important to show that you invest in yourself, and a selfie isn’t going to do that.

3.  “Take the next step with me”

Once your photo establishes that you are, indeed, a real person, and you are an impressive one at that, the last thing it can do is invite your ideal clients into a conversation with you.

What is the extra spark that it portrays? Do they see someone fun? Inviting? Authentic? Do you look like you mean business?

A lifestyle headshot that captures your true spirit and brand essence has the ability to welcome in a potential connection.

One Piece of the Branding Puzzle

As a brand photographer, a corporate headshot is just one piece of the complete branding session you are delivered (also mixed in are details, candids, behind-the-scenes, the possibilities abound). But it is certainly a focus for me to capture a variety of headshots that you love.

If an image shares a glimpse into your secret sauce, or what is special about doing business with you, it is truly the gift that keeps giving in your business.

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