The Magic of Lifestyle Branding

Brand Photography, Branding, Product Photography, Products • April 18, 2023

Allow me to share a quick story with you…

One day, the client featured in this blog post, Beth, had coffee with her friend (who happened to be a past client of mine). When Beth saw her friend’s brand photos, she called me THAT DAY, saying “When I saw the photos, I knew they were exactly what I needed.

She had invested in professional product photography before. So what was different?

It was the way I stage products in a lifestyle, candid and interactive way.

She knew my photography style would breathe life into her products.

To me, this is the beauty of a brand photography session. Since each shoot is completely custom, you receive professional photos that to deliver exactly what your business needs.

Why is this important?

You don’t only receive headshots…

In Beth’s case, we did capture professional headshots, OF COURSE, but also her interacting with the products, the products in use, and a peek behind the curtain at her scientific product development process.

Because your products are great, but that is only ONE aspect to your brand. Creating a personal connection to your ideal clients is what has the ability to set your company apart. You do this by showing up for them. You do this by showing your face.

The Magic Behind the Marketing

Another reason lifestyle product photography is so effective is actually a marketing tool called “Future Pacing.”

  • Future pacing is a technique that helps your audience or clients envision a new, possible future. It helps create an emotional connection, because when you know your target market and what motivates them, having a picture of photo doing this can be a powerful tool.
  • Showing the product “in use” or staged in a way that appeals to your ideal client is one way to instantly harness this power. Now, they are imagining what the product can do for them and can “feel” themselves enjoying it.
  • Brand photography is necessary to show potential customers what they are buying. But when lifestyle product photography is leveraged, and you harness the power of “future pacing” by showcasing your product in a future scenario that resonates with your ideal client, you create an emotional connection that drives sales and builds brand loyalty.

Want to create beautiful brand photos that will elevate your brand?

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