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Branding, Personal Brand, Personal Branding, Podcast, Social Media • February 8, 2022

There is so much to unpack when we consider using social media to move our business forward.  I was thrilled to share my experience on Episode 22 of High Achieving Female Podcast

Here we continue the conversation from Part 1-What to Post on Social Media, where I cover the importance of developing a strong voice on social.  These efforts will not only keep you consistent and recognizable, but having brand essence words to shape your messaging is important for your brand image. 

So once you have your voice – what do you say?

Enter:  Content Buckets

How can you talk on social media without sounding “salesy?”

Content buckets are those 3-5 subjects that you can talk about on social media.  Depending on the nature of your business, and who your ideal clients are, these will be different for everyone. 

Share expertise in your content buckets that have the ability to not only highlight your experience and expertise, but to HELP people. 

If ideal clients find value in your posts – and sometimes humor is valuable too – they will continue to engage with you.  Engagement means you are top of mind, or known, which is an essential step in the ultimate goal of increasing sales.

What does this look like?

If you are a personal trainer, your buckets could be:

–  Your backstory (how you got into this in the first place)

–  Healthy eating tips and tricks

–  Results or clients success stories

–  Workouts

–  Special events or collaborations

As a brand photographer, my content buckets are:

–  Behind the Scenes

–  Tips for business owners (ideas + inspiration)

–  My Why (why I love what I do)

–  Raising up other women and business owners

–  Showcasing my photography services

As you can see, I definitely talk about the benefits of working with me – but that’s not ALL I talk about.  The content on my posts all fit into my brand essence of “positive, uplifting and beautiful.”

If you are having trouble coming up with some content buckets outside of your product or service, journal or reflect on things in your life that you really enjoy.  Maybe it’s traveling, or perhaps making an impact in your local community.  For me- reading, yoga and meditation are all experiences I pull from because they support my brand essence and help inspire me.  Therefore in addition to sharing client images from brand sessions, I can share quotes I come across in my daily life on my feed.

My photography is about getting at the inner light of you, stepping into your power and raising your voice. To me, developing a strong voice on social media is part brand essence words and part content buckets. We’ve covered ideas on what to post, and in the next blog segment we will discuss what NOT to post, as well as my my favorite engagement tips.

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